Rhythm Espresso
4/1 Packer Road, Baringa
Monday – Friday:
5:30am – 1:30pm


Rhythm Church Services
Sports Drive, Nirimba
Sundays 9:30am


Rhythm Offices & Food Hub
3/1 Packer Road, Baringa
Tuesdays, Thursday & Friday:

Rhythm Espresso & Hub

Monday – Friday


3-4/1 Packer Road, Baringa Q. 4551



Rhythm Church

Sunday Services


Sports Drive, Nirimba 4551




Who is Rhythm affiliated with?

Rhythm Church forms part of the Australian Christian Churches. ACC is a movement of Pentecostal Churches in voluntary cooperation. Each individual church is self-governing, but commits itself to work together with other churches in the movement for the purpose of mutual support and the spread of the gospel in Australia and the world.

What is the core belief of Rhythm?

Rhythm operates from a core belief that Jesus Christ is the answer and hope for humanity. Everything we do, comes from a belief of bold faith, real love and authentic community. We are community-focussed and Christ-centred in our approach. We beleive that the reason Jesus exists, is to restore people back into a whole and loving relationship with their Creator, Almighty God.

Who are the leaders of Rhythm?

Rhythm Church Limited and Rhythm Initiative Limited are registered charities with ACNC and are governed and operated under the direction of Pastors Murray & Kathy Boyton. Murray & Kathy are credentialed pastors and are in good standing with Australian Christian Churches.

Each have professional supervision as well as more than 25 years of ministry experience in pastoral care, community development & missions and various Bible college settings.

What does Rhythm do for the disadvantaged?

Rhythm is very active in the space of serving the community in particular Aura and the Sunshine Coast. Through our community care entity, Rhythm Initiative, operates a variety of care programs. These include the annual “Parcels of Peace” Hampers which supports sole parent families and households with a parent in prison. These hampers are also available throughout the year upon request. Rhythm also supports local chaplaincy through the Baringa State High Brekky program. Our community cafe, Rhythm Espresso in turns provides opportunities for people with additional needs to be engaged in community through meaningful participation and inclusion. 100% of the profits generated go back to supporting the local community.

What does it mean “Come as You Are”?

Everyone is on a journey. No matter your past, we believe that you have a future and a hope. At Rhythm, we see people from all walks of life find a sense of purpose, belonging and feel safe to be themselves. We believe in fostering healthy relationships in the pursuit of unity, love and peace while discovering the goodness of God.

It is our view, that grace is God’s ability (and unmerited favour) to become all that He has for you. Additionally, as you find your God-intended rhythm, the weights and the consequences of our choices that so often cause pain in our lives, will eventually be a thing of the past. So you are invited to ‘Come as you are’.

I don’t usually go to church, because I am afraid of I will get judged…

It is our goal, that as a gathering of people, each on their own journey, that you will find safety at Rhythm, to be you. While some people can unintentionally say things that can cause pain in our world, our belief is that if we serve a gentle, kind, patient and loving God, then that is how we should treat others… warts and all.

It is the goal and culture of our leadership team, that you encounter grace, not judgement. Love, not criticism. Empathy, not isolation. Ultimately, the Jesus in all of us.

What does Rhythm believe concerning healing?

We believe that healing is a promise that is available for all people in accordance to seeing the life of Jesus as he walked the earth.  There is an expectation of faith that Jesus paid for price for you to walk a healthy and whole life.

What does Rhythm believe about money?

We believe that finances is a very personal thing and is between you and God. We believe that it is God who teaches us how to be good stewards concerning our money and each year Rhythm Church participates in a 40 day generous life devotion.

Through this teaching, you will learn a Biblical view of how to have control of your finances and how giving generously can open up opportunities to live how God intended concerning your finances.

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