Why Rhythm?

Beginning in 2013, the passion to begin a Christ-centred, community focussed church was birthed in the heart of pastor Murray. After several obstacles and setbacks, Murray & Kathy Boyton were able to launch Rhythm Church at Meridan State College on the 25th August 2019 with an attendance of 67 people. `

Those humble beginnings have seen Rhythm grow into an emerging church in Aura reaching hundreds every week through its social enterprise cafe in the Aura Business Park and a growing church that meets weekly at Nirimba State School.

Rhythm places a strong focus on engaging with community beyond the church walls. Rhythm can be found involved in serving the disadvantaged in a number of areas: feeding the homeless, partnering with local chaplains for breakfast club in the local schools, preparing food hampers as well as building relationships with local businesses and attending community events with a mobile coffee van.

With an emphasis on helping people discover their God-intended rhythm, Murray and Kathy bring a message of bold faith and real love while building an authentic community.

Rhythm Church
Leadership Structure

Registered in 2018, Rhythm Church Limited operates with a legal board for compliance and governance. Our approach fosters safety and collaboration with our leaders and ministry team which is under the leadership of Pastors Murray & Kathy Boyton.

The Board consists of 5 seasoned individuals with both a business and ministry accumen.

Find more about Rhythm Church on ACNC.

Rhythm Church is affiliated with Australian Christian Churches and is in good standing with fellow ACC churches ( and other churches ) on the Sunshine Coast.


Rhythm Initiative Limited
Leadership Structure

Registered in 2020, Rhythm Initiative Limited is the community arm of Rhythm. The initiative exists to serve the community through its social enterprise cafe, food relief and other community building programs it seeks to embark.

All of the revenue generated through Rhythm Initiative is distributed back into community programs such as supporting local chaplaincy, our Parcels of Peace, providing a space for people with additional needs to be empowered and to find meaningful inclusion.

Donations to Rhythm Initiative is a registered charity with the ACNC and donations are fully tax-deductible.


Seeking Good, Healthy & Safe.

As Rhythm continues to grow as an organisation, we will continue to seek ways to improve in our people care and in how we best represent Jesus in everything we do.

The Hebrew word Tov (which means good), was always a part of God’s plan in the function of the Church and with dealing with people.

Our leadership approach seeks Tov to ensure that a healthy, safe and peaceful culture is fostered within the leadership and its decision making process.

There are 8 areas in which we seek Tov in our operation as a ministry:

    • We Nurture Empathy
    • We Nurture Grace
    • We Put People First
    • We Tell the Truth
    • We Nurture Justice
    • We Nurture Service
    • We Nurture Christlikeness

Each of these areas are our focus areas towards moving forward as part of our discipleship making process as a church.

This approach was adapted from the book: A Church called Tov: Forming a Goodness Culture.

The Rhythm 5C Dashboard

Our 5Cs are used as an instrument panel in how we make decisions within our organisation.

Each instrument is intended to ensure that healthy and safe is fostered and that people remain the centre of our decision making process.

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