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You were created for community. Whether you are seeking to know more about finding faith, or simply looking for an authentic community because you have moved recently. We promise to make you feel welcome.

As a growing and emerging church in Aura, our values are Christ-centred and community focused. We believe in being active in our community beyond just Sundays.

Our Sunday Experience

Welcome Home

From the moment you enter the doors on a Sunday, our incredible hosts are waiting with a warm smile to welcome you home. Our hosts are ready to assist you with anything you need to make your visit enjoyable from the front door through to the auditorium. They are equipped to answer any questions you have, share more about our ministries, and help you find your way around our facilities.

Our Future Leaders

We believe in partnering with and empowering parents to raise strong, faith-filled disciples that have a passion for following Jesus. We are currently developing our children’s ministry beyond just a child-minding experience, but into an encounter with Christ that helps develop spiritual formations into our young future leaders.  

Worship & Communion

We open with a celebration in worship, with our band playing a mix of contemporary and modern praise and worship. Our style, while we may have a full band, is more conservative which allows for 3-4 songs over 20-30 mins.

Most Sundays, we also partake in communion.


The Word of God

Our ministry team teaches from a grace perspective and our messages are uplifting Christ-centred messages that can be applied to your Mondays in a practical way.

Most of our Sunday messages are recorded and podcasts are uploaded to Spotify the following Tuesday for you to re-listen to throughout the week.

Connection & Fellowship

We believe that God created us for community, so an important part of our Sundays is fellowship with one another. It is in fellowship where we get to know each other, form friendships, have opportunities to talk about faith and life, and grow deeper in our relationships over a coffee and refreshments.

Finding Your Rhythm

We believe that church extends beyond the Sunday experience. We have a range of mid-week activities that you can be part of on your journey to find your rhythm.

These include: life groups, engaging with our social posts and church chat for encouragement and prayer opportunities, community activities like the Aura Meal Exchange, or enjoying a meal and a coffee at our cafe, Rhythm Espresso, in the Aura Business Park.

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