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With the cost of living at unprecendented levels and much of the world in financial uncertaintity. Rhythm has sourced a variety of proven biblical tools to ensure that people can have practical tools to best equip individuals and families when it comes to bringing a stewardship mindset over our finances. 

There are many services and agencies that can provide immediate short-term relief such as Salvation Army for financial handouts. Gateway Care and even our own Rhythm Food Pantry are also available for emergency food relief. 

In terms of housing and refuge facilities, you can also view the Sunshine Coast Council website for a broad services to assist.

What does the Bible say about money?

The Bible has a lot to say about finances. In fact more than 2000 references can be correlated to conversations around money. It is a big subject. 

“Wisdom is even better when you have money. Both are a benefit as you go through life.” (Ecclesiastes 7:11, NLT)

“Good comes to those who lend money generously and conduct their business fairly.” (Psalms 112:5, NLT)

Money help from the Bible.

It is the heart of Rhythm, that people live how God intended. Encircling the mountain year after year with the same money troubles is not how God intended. So often, we have to change a belief in our heart around how to manage our finances. Often we have only learnt how to manage our money from our parents, our friends or really just how we think we need to go.

Financial Peace University can bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding in how to overcome your financial situation. The Bible is very clear to write a plan (a budget), and follow it if we are to really see a breakthrough in our lives. Download a basic budgeting sheet here.

Another great place to start in a practical sense is with Christians Against Poverty and their Money Mentors. Having a trained money mentor can bring support and mentoring about working your way out of debt and finding freedom concerning your finances.

Book a free Money Mentor appointment.

Please note that due to current capacity, our free Money Mentor appointment is restricted only to Caloundra and the postcode of 4551.

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